Kimberly's Country Store

All of our chickens and ducks are free ranged whenever the weather allows them to.

Here on the on the farm the animals are handled daily.
They are hand rasied by adults and children, they are friendly and happy
as they get treats once a week.

Ducks swiming in the creek clementine on top of the world!

Eggs for sale

Fresh eggs gathered daily .

Baby Chicks for sale
Breed Sex Price
Olive Egger Straight Run $10.75
Easter Egger Straight Run $7.75
Silkie Straight Run $7.75
Buff Brahma Straight Run $7.75
Welsummer Straight Run $7.75

Roosters Onsite are Olive Egger and Americana

Baby Ducks

Breed White Pekin Ducks Straight Run $12.00